Description for Hardwood Floor Cleaning service

Home flooring these days is extensively being found to be made of hardwood. This is because hardwood floors are good at adding elegance and beauty to any home. The wood that is used in any flooring can basically be of two main types and they are engineered wood and solid wood.


Solid wood contains planks that are milled from one single piece of wood. This type of flooring is not very common among households because the planks or the long and single pieces of wood are sure to bend and wrap with the passage of time. In engineered wood, planks of thin size are segmented from wood.

These planks can never be used in their original being because of their thin size. Therefore, they are made straight by compressing and joining more planks on top of them. The engineered wood flooring is one of the most common floorings among households all round the world. They can be laid very easily because of the fact that they are available in laminated or pre-finished form. Hard wood floors always require extra care and maintenance in comparison to carpets.

Hardwood Cleaning

$ 0.50-0.70 /Sq.ft